• Financial Support

    We send monthly financial support to more than 4200 needy families, we also create over 1000 small projects for those who qualify. We also help university students, orphans, and widows selected by the clergy of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt. We send emergency funds in times of crisis. We encourage the funding of small projects which will provide employment to those who are willing to work, that they become independent and self-sufficient.

  • Our Projects

    The Coptic Aid Foundation sends regular monthly aid to more than 4200 needy families accross Egypt. Total aid in 1995 was over 253.000 Egyptian Pounds. In the year 1996 we have put about 25 families to work in small projects. Fifty more of these projects will be in place during the next three months. Most of these projects cost as little as $200.00 or 500 Egyptian Pounds. We also provide clothes and medicine, shelter for the homeless, services for new immigrants, support for the gifted.